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Holliday Horton in a virtual reality headset

Holliday R. Horton

3D Artist, Curator & Instructor

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a SoCal Artist, Curator, and Instructor passionate about creating immersive experiences with augmented reality. I received a BA in Visual Arts - Studio (3D Film & Animation) from UCSD.


I went on to have an exciting and rewarding career as a 3D Animator and Art Director in video games and interactive media - shipping 12+ AAA video games and grossing $150+ million for brands.

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I love to challenge the boundaries of art and technology to create work that has never been seen before. From virtual reality installations to interactive sculptures in mixed reality, I create unique visual experiences that engage audiences in new and unexpected ways.

I have worked with some of the world's leading museums and brands, such as Sony, Panasonic, NASA/JPL, LACMA, and Snapchat, creating innovative projects reaching over 700 million people worldwide.


Adobe Aero Kinetic Sculptures

The HYPNAGOGIA AR collection features animated kinetic works exploring layered movement using math. The kinetic sculptures are sculpted in virtual reality, then animated and displayed using the augmented reality app Adobe Aero.


From six feet to twelve stories high, the animated works are planted virtually on the ground using augmented reality technology on a smartphone.


Scan the QR Code with your phone

camera to experience a sculpture.

an adobe aero qr code to open an art experience by Holliday Horton


Refracting Realities is a collection of large-scale augmented reality sculptures exploring the mesmerizing beauty of π. The sculptures were created using advanced animation techniques in Blender using sine wave functions and Lens Studio. Sine waves are the secret to how all things move in the universe.


Official Snap AR Creator


I was commissioned to create an augmented reality art installation in collaboration with Judy Baca and LACMA at the site of The Great Wall of Los Angeles. It is part of the Monumental Perspectives LACMA x SnapAR collection.

I enjoy designing Lenses that explore fantasy fashion, wearable art, and interactive kinetic sculptures with real-world physics and VFX that have reached 700 million on Snapchat.

SLN Creator Badge

Koodos is an album by Matt Monday, rooted in web3, creating a completely new experience. Koodos starts as an NFT and comes with a physical product that consists of: popcorn, a comic book and a link to the album all wrapped in an augmented reality experience.

Three filters were created for each box along with a life size real-world experience using Meta Spark. The AR Project was developed by creating 2D rigged animation assets using Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects.

KOODOS  - Spark AR


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