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Holliday received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (3D Film/Animation) from the University of California, San Diego. She began her career as a Research Artist and Animator at The San Diego Supercomputer Center researching immersive design and displays while working on animated projects for The National Science Foundation, NASA/JPL, General Atomics, and The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.


Holliday Horton ACME Animation Stand

ACME Animation stand @ UCSD

She shifted gears into the video game industry, shipping 12+ AAA titles as Lead Artist and Animator for Sony, and as senior shareholder and owner of the video game startup, RedZone - a company purchased by Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2001.

She went on to focus on creating immersive content with stereoscopic digital imaging (S3D) as part of the 3D Creative Team at Panasonic Hollywood, creating curriculums and S3D projects. In 2018 she started working on virtual reality and augmented reality development for art shows and custom brand apps.

Holliday teaches a variety of in-person and online courses including VR Game Development (Unity 3D), video game design (GDevelop & Roblox), graphic design (Photoshop and Illustrator), advanced film/VFX (Premiere & After Effects) and 3D Computer Animation.

Current & Recent Art Shows


The AR Gallery Experience, Eugene, Oregon 2022

LACMA Monumental Perspectives"River Runs Through It" LA, CA 2022

Onirix AR Art Show - Las Vegas, NV 2022

Art in Motion - NYC 2021

ComicCon @Home Virtual XR Creators Garden 2020-21

Animated Women @ Animateka - Slovenija 2020

Ranetas VRFest - Aragón, Spain 2020

XR Atlanta - XR Art Showcase 2020

ART TECH MUSIC - Miami 2020

XR Art Show -  San Diego, CA 2020

Sausalito Art Festival - San Fransisco, CA 2020

VR Art Burn w/ VR ART LIVE - 2020-21

Siggraph Tomorrow's Reality Exhibition 1992

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"Without a doubt Holliday is the best Art Director that I have worked with. Her talent, knowledge, patience and ability to communicate up and down the chain of command is unmatched. At Red Zone, Holliday was a 3D visionary at least 15 years before it became mainstream and it was her leadership and creative drive that kept our games looking better then the competition year in and year out. Holliday is the complete professional, utterly loyal and would be the star of any team lucky enough to have her."

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