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The exhibition showcases 12 world-anchored kinetic AR/VR sculptures using Google's Geospatial Creator. The artworks are strategically placed in significant locations throughout the park to blend in and enhance the stunning architecture and colorful landscapes.


Using your smartphone, you can discover hidden animated sculptures brought to life through cutting-edge AR technology.




Phantom Gallery AR Art Show


Welcome to a spooky adventure in Old Town, San Diego! Get ready to dive into the new world of geo-located augmented reality art that will blow your mind. Immerse yourself in this captivating journey where art transcends the visible realm.

Features augmented reality and virtual reality artwork by Cabel Adams, Kevin Ang, Jacki Clark, Holliday Horton, Tim Mitchell, Jason Rogalski, and Willowmoon Art.







Concept Art by Judy Baca

The River Once Ran 2022, a Snap AR Lens developed for LACMA x Judy Baca to augment the Great Wall of Los Angeles Mural. The Lens enhances the mural’s story and brings back the natural river habitat in the LA River canal.


The project included modeling, rigging, and animating low poly 2D/3D assets for an interactive environment.

In The River Once Ran, we see a recovery of the river, a restoration of the land, a flurry of stork’s bill seeds (interactive), a howling coyote, hummingbirds, and butterflies. We hear the howl of the coyote and the voices of the mural makers involved in the creation of The Great Wall. Time is compressed to allow the multiple histories of the site visible at once - illustrating a healing of the river and a recovery of disappeared histories.

The River Once Ran may be experienced at The Great Wall of Los Angeles or from anywhere by downloading Snapchat and scanning the code below.

snapchat snapcode river runs through it

Lens Developed by Holliday Horton

KOODOS  - Meta Spark


Koodos is an album by Matt Monday, rooted in web3, creating a completely new experience. Koodos starts as an NFT and comes with a physical product that consists of: popcorn, a comic book and a link to the album all wrapped in an augmented reality experience.

Three filters were created for each box along with a life size real-world experience using Meta Spark. The AR Project was developed by creating 2D rigged animation assets using Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects.


The XR Art Show 2020 - 2021 featured 20 + virtual reality artists from around the world using creative display methods with virtual reality and Augmented Reality.


The Pop-Up gallery also featured a 20x20' walk-able virtual reality immersive art experience. 


The SD Farmer's Cup - Virtual Edition was an immersive VR conference featuring Holliday's custom VR art and animation. The event was designed for VR Headsets, desktops, and mobile phones, with 200+ people in attendance.

AR Scavenger Hunt

A custom AR Art Scavenger Hunt was created for the WCKD Festival in San Diego, CA in 2019. The augmented reality art show featured Holliday's original virtual reality paintings created in Tilt Brush with Unity 3D utilized for the clue content & display. 

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