Welcome to my site featuring fine art and animation created in virtual reality. My process is expressionistic and improvisational in nature, using meditative impulses to gesturally guide compositions. I construct my 3D scenes in a calm fashion then wildly deconstruct and reconstruct the compositions to create chaos, excitement, and interest. 


Art for me is a wonderful journey of experimentation, exploration and an adventure into the unknown. My process is influenced by synesthesia, a condition where my senses simultaneously crossover so that colors have flavor and abstract concepts and time have colors, shapes, and spatial locations. My subject matter pays homage to my love of nature, the ocean, and lucid dreams.

Minted NFT & CRYPTO ART currently in Auction

Holliday is a creative reality designer who uses extended reality tools for design and display. She enjoys creating experiential art with augmented reality that simulates various levels of consciousness to influence viewers to feel an altered state of immersion. She is focused on the future of art and innovation, including the Crypto/NFT art arena.

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