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Holliday Horton in a virtual reality headset

Holliday R. Horton

XR Artist & Instructor

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Welcome to my portfolio. I am a Southern California Extended Reality Artist and Instructor passionate about designing creative experiences using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. I am the Founder of XR ART SCHOOL, an extended reality art and technology school with courses in the works.

I received a BA in Animation and 3D Film from the University of California San Diego and interned as a 3D computer animator at The San Diego Supercomputer Center. I had an exciting and rewarding career as a 3D Animator and Art Director in video games and interactive/immersive media for 37 years - grossing $150+ million for brands.


I love to challenge the boundaries of art and technology to create work that has never been seen before. From virtual reality installations to interactive sculptures in mixed reality, I create unique visual experiences that engage audiences in new and unexpected ways.

I have worked with some of the world's leading museums and brands, such as Sony, Panasonic, NASA/JPL, LACMA, and Snapchat, creating innovative projects that have captivated 60 million+ people around the globe.


Adobe Aero Kinetic Sculptures

The HYPNOGOGIA AR collection features animated kinetic works exploring layered movement using math. The kinetic sculptures are sculpted in virtual reality, then animated and displayed using the augmented reality app Adobe Aero. From six feet to twelve stories high, the animated works plant virtually on the ground using augmented reality technology on a smartphone.


Scan the QR Code with your

phone camera to experience a sculpture.


Lens Studio / Snap Chat


We are in the midst of an exciting new digital renaissance where artists are designing new paradigms for interaction and design. I am interested in the future of augmented reality fashion and art because many traditional design rules no longer apply.

Design elements do not need to be attached as they are in the real world, and gravity is no longer a constraint but a feature that can be animated. I am inspired by the fantastic artists worldwide that are breaking boundaries daily with truly imaginative works.


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