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Holliday R Horton

Holliday received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art - Film / Animation from the University of California, San Diego. She began her career as a Research Artist and Animator at The San Diego Supercomputer Center researching stereoscopic art and color theory while working on projects for The National Science Foundation, NASA/JPL, General Atomics, and The Reuben H. Fleet Center. 


She shifted gears into the video game industry, shipping 12+ AAA titles as Lead Artist and Animator for Sony, and as senior shareholder and owner of the video game startup, RedZone - a company purchased by Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2001. She has hired, mentored, and trained over 100 artists throughout her career. 


Holliday has taught Computer Animation, 3D Film-making, and Color Theory for UCSD Extension and UCSD Teacher Tech, and provided private training for large corporations in Hollywood including Panasonic and Sony. She has also lectured and exhibited her work internationally. 

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