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Augmented Reality Art & Design

Experimental Art

As a kid, I dreamed of being able to someday recreate the fantastical imagery of my dreams. In my dreams, I change form and travel in various forms such as cake batter, water, or the phosphorescent light through a tree.


In dreams I would paint the sky with stories and art, conducting the imagery with my hands.  It is exciting to now have the ability to share these visions through AR/VR tech.

As a kid, I hoped to one day have the ability to recreate my dreams. There was one vivid dream that made a direct impact on my future.


I was in a stadium painting the sky with art, pulling gigantic shapes from the heavens with my hands, conducting the imagery with a full orchestra behind me. The audience gasped and cheered with delight as I threw shapes near them.


I felt the future calling, and it took me over 40 years to get art in the sky.




She is ava pipeline from 3D (Blender low poly modeling & animation)  to augmented reality (Lens Studio, Spark AR, Adobe Aero, and Unity 3D).


Like a thumbprint, we each have a unique heartbeat and rhythm to the way we move. This collection of augmented reality sculptures are 3D blind-contours, molded-in virtual reality with my eyes closed ... feeling the shapes into existence.

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